Van-Mar Beagles

Breeding Top Quality Beagles for Type, Soundness, &     Character

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get on your puppy waiting list?

A: To get on our waiting list you will first have to complete a questionnaire that determines your suitability as a potential Beagle owner. If you are experienced, responsible, and are dedicated to loving, protecting, and caring for a Beagle throughout its life, you should have no problem passing this initial screening. We encourage you to then build a relationship with us to help us better determine your suitability as a potential home for one of our puppies. We do not breed often and always have a long waiting list. Building a relationship with us gains our trust that you will provide a long, forever home to one of our puppies and gives insight onto which puppy might be the best fit for your lifestyle.

Q: Do you require a deposit to reserve a puppy?

A: Yes. A deposit of $200.00 (included in the purchase price) is collected from those on our waiting list when the puppies are two weeks old.  A deposit does not bind you to a puppy and you may back out at any time or for any reason with a refund. Our main concern  is making sure you're 100% comfortable with your puppy and with the timing of bringing a new puppy into your household.  After a deposit is collected we invite you to participate in our Puppy Play Days so we may determine which puppy is the best fit for your family.

Q: How much do your puppies cost?

A: The typical price for a puppy is $1,500.00. We feel this price is comparable with many reputable breeders in the region and reflects the time, energy, and money we have spent to produce a healthy litter. For us, breeding dogs typically includes the expense of shipping our bitches out of state, a stud fee, supplies and equipment, health testing, and veterinary bills such as ultrasounds, x-rays, vaccinations, dew-clawing, c-sections and wellness check-ups. 

Q: Do you ship your puppies?

A: No, all puppies must be picked up in person at time of sale. We feel this gives you an opportunity to meet us and the dam and see your puppy's living conditions prior to taking your puppy home and ensures the puppy reaches you safely.

Q: Do you test your dogs for genetic diseases and disorders?

A: Absolutely. Our dogs are tested for the following before breeding:

  • Musladin-Luke Syndrome
  • Factor VII Deficiency
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Heritable Eye Disease
  • Cardiac Disease
  • Hip Dysplasia